Bet on people,
not on strategies


We are global Influencers by connecting savvy business leaders with best talents!

Attracting and fostering great talents have always been the founder’s passion. Great companies require outstanding leaders to achieve extraordinary results.

Equally, it requires market insight, accomplished executive experience, compassionate and effective leadership coupled with good instinct.

As a Headhunter, by founding Signature Scouting and serving exclusively clients and talents in the markets of Fashion, Apparel, Textile, and industrial Printing globally, Founder & Principal Eberhard Huter, has amalgamated his passion for great talents and professional expertise to “ONE”.


Connecting savvy business leaders with
best talents is a thrill and virtue!


Our focus is exclusively on clients and talents in the markets of Fashion, Apparel and Textile for both brands and vendors complemented by industrial Printing.

At Signature Scouting, we know what savvy business leaders want and can do. We search for great talents in C2C, B2C and B2B to enhance C-suite, Senior and Middle Management across all Functions.

Our search engagements are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients and driven purposefully by enhancing Inclusion, Diversity and all factors related to Environmental, Social and Governance.

We are fully committed to new hires after their placements. Pursuing long-term business relationships with our clients and talents is a prerequisite of our service and values. We make sure that new hires are well integrated by unlocking and phasing in their potential transitionally and effectively.

We always get first choice candidates in front of you!


Identifying, developing, and retaining outstanding individuals from within an organisation is a key challenge for most businesses.

We advise our clients how to evaluate capabilities within their organisation and functions. By taking into consideration the relevant market environment and corporate strategic objectives we benchmark high potential talents of their teams against their required attitude and skill-set matrix supporting achievement of these strategic objectives. Attitude and skill-set deltas are mapped out and actioned with an appropriate training and career development plan.

High potential Succession Planning forms part of our Organisational Advancement Programme at Senior and Middle Management level.


Embracing diversity, supporting individual career growth, being teachable, promoting well-being and growing the business with a lean organisation are top traits of a highly valued, compassionate, and effective leader.

We advise and coach business leaders in their leadership-journey, aiming to excel in self-awareness and self-compassion reaching the ultimate leadership-performance platform of natural authenticity.

Leadership is not about being “loved” by everyone in the organisation but by being valued and respected based on authenticity when guiding and pointing the teams in the right direction. Valued and authentic business leaders promote accountability of their teams which simultaneously enhances their performance resulting in growth of corporate bottom line.

We, at Signature Scouting apply and provide business leaders with our operational senior management expertise in people, markets and technologies complemented by a practical and pragmatic methodology and first and foremost based on experience to drive your leadership ambitions to the next level continuously.


Our Talent Coaching Programme aims to enhance your self-propelling force to work effectively towards career objectives. We mentor, guide and influence top talents passionately to achieve their career goals.

Best talents appreciate and recognise in us a Confidant who cultivates them with a tailored programme to achieve their career goals confidently and timely. Our programme, Premium Talent Coaching, guides you from analysis to career plan development and execution, enchanced by assessment centres.

We guide best Talents to unlock their full potential!

Advising &

We advise our clients for strategy development at all levels and their actioning and execution with the relevant teams. This provides an ideal scenario to identify high potentials tailoring their organisational career development plans adequately and focussed.

Workshops, task force activities and mentoring are imbedded in these programmes ensuring teams understand strategic directions together with their functional and cross-functional accountabilities in an ever-changing market-environment.

We advise our client’s how to strengthen their market-position with an agile team long-term!


Fashion, Apparel
& Textile

Innovation and Sustainability are driving force in a global market with reduced seasonality and consumer-hunger for Individualisation. Promotional apparel and omni-channel activities complement market differentiation and by engaging with consumers holistically. Innovative and sustainable garments together with eco-friendly designs are at the forefront to attract consumer interest with the desired brand loyalty.

Sustainability starts with Innovation and Design, right at the beginning of new product development and garment manufacturing. Supply Chains are under continuous scrutiny to ensure availability of sustainable garments at low-volumes and shortest time-to-market cross-geographically.

Garment manufacturing-footprints are being re-evaluated with specialized and contingent micro-factories as a strategic result for fast market access. Consumer individualism and fashion trends trigger within the garment manufacturing world investments in new technologies such as knit and digital printing. Circular Supply Chain development and implementation, aiming to reduce waste stand at highest priority in the fashion industry.

With our operational senior management expertise in both markets, apparel, and industrial printing we equally understand market dynamics, clients and talents for cross-delivering talent capabilities enhancing both markets mutually and purposefully.


Industrial Printing is complementing the Fashion, Apparel and Textile industry innovatively and effectively with transferable talents adding value to both markets interactively. Sharing and further developing know-how and knowledge across both segments enhances the common denominator for Innovation and Sustainability to start with.

Customisation of packaging is a vital part of consumer communication and information. Detailed product information is driven by consumer behaviour and legal requirements. Consumers, are keen to get as much as possible of information about the products they purchase.

Innovative and cost-effective quality printing in wide and narrow web by applying digital, offset, flexographic and gravure printing technologies are paramount for the global Packaging Market. To ensure viable and sustainable product development throughout the entire supply chain right at the beginning, consumables such as inks, coatings, printing plates together with the substrates paper & board, corrugated, films and foils and many others are as important.

With our industry expertise we fully understand the strategic demand in terms of market, technologies but first and foremost in terms of talents to further grow this industry sector.

About us


We work exclusively market-oriented, and our clients and talents are in the centre of all what we do!

People are the most important asset in any organisation. We add value to our clients by supporting and advising them for their organisational decision-making and talent strategy to achieve their strategic ambitions sustainably.

Our zest for people together with leadership and innovation, striving to better our living-environment has been a driving force for the foundation of Signature Scouting. Sustainability, Inclusion and Diversity is paramount to us.

Executive Search in the markets Fashion, Apparel, Textile, and industrial Printing is our core business.

Our Founder & Principal, Eberhard Huter has gained significant C-Suite expertise during his operational career in the multinational Apparel and Printing Industry, amalgamating his zest for best talents and professional expertise to “ONE” as a Headhunter.

Vison &

We are global Influencers by connecting savvy business leaders with best talents!

Market Commitment

We develop and influence relationships of clients and talents always positively.


We provide unsurpassed service and deliver premium value to clients and talents.


We are good citizens upholding the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.


We work together across boundaries, to always exceed the needs of clients and talents.


We value all people inclusively, independently of their backgrounds and reward their performance.

Will to Win

We passionately exhibit a strong will to win in every aspect of our business.


We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.


Eberhard Huter

Connecting savvy
business leaders with best
talents is a thrill and

Eberhard’s global market focus in Executive Search & Consulting is exclusively on Fashion, Apparel, Textile and industrial Printing. His zest for leadership and innovation, striving to better our living-environment has been a driving force throughout his entire career.

Prior becoming a Headhunter and founding Signature Scouting, Eberhard spent many years in senior executive roles of the Print-Packaging Industry in Austria, Germany, Singapore and UK, followed by Apparel in Hong Kong for several years. Enabled by his industry-transferable capabilities and market-centric approach, Eberhard led corporate development together with sales & marketing, innovation & product management, operations, finance and most importantly people engagement to success. Complementary to his commercial acumen he has proven technical expertise in industrial printing for packaging and manufacturing of textile fabrics for apparel. He set-up fully sustainable ”greenfield textile factories” with its entire manufacturing process of bleaching & dyeing, finishing, coating including waste-water management with the most recent project successfully established in central Vietnam.

Eberhard earned a Master of Business Administration and speaks fluent English, German, French and Spanish, aiming to develop a conversational skill-set level in Cantonese.

Attracting, fostering and retaining great talents have always been Eberhard’s passion. Great companies require outstanding leaders to achieve extraordinary results. Equally, it requires market insight, accomplished executive experience, compassionate leadership and good instinct. As a Headhunter, Eberhard has amalgamated his passion for great talent and professional expertise to “ONE”.

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